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Me, Myself & I
Your A-Z to finding back to YOU after Narcissistic Abuse

My multi-award-winning Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Toolbox for your pocket!

Have you reached the point where you could literally write a PhD about narcissists and narcissistic abuse, yet despite all your in-depth knowledge, you find yourself exhausted, as you’re still not feeling any better and continually struggling with your mental health?


Are you ready to finally move forward, prioritize your recovery, learn the beautiful art of selfcare and rise from the ashes?


Fabulous! Then go grab your brand new copy of “Me, Myself & I - Your A-Z to finding back to YOU after Narcissistic Abuse” right now.

Think of it as  a “selfcare buffet”... I serve up all that I have for you to try out. If you find something you like, fantastic!! Keep it. Use it. Share it. If something doesn’t quite resonate, No problem. Just leave it for now and come back later when you feel  ready.


I am opening up my multi-award-winning toolbox to help you find back to YOU again in the aftermath of narcissistic abuse.


This workbook is filled with over 50 simple and practical tools and exercises that will help you


  • Break the trauma bond

  • Take back control of your life

  • Change your story

  • Reclaim yourself


This is an entirely practical experience, which allows you to proactively work on yourself, finally move forward and leave this nightmare behind - building your own toolbox along  the way. And most importantly: Have fun with it!

Let's kickstart your recovery journey!

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“It's literally like witchcraft - this lady really understands what you are goig through before, during and after narcissistic abuse. It's like the pieces of your life puzzle all start clicking together and you know what you need to do to get out of the hole and finally go forward with your life."

Jo-Anne, UK

If you are outside of the US or UK, don't worry!

Simply go to your local Amazon Marketplace and place your order there.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this workbook / journal for?

If you've experienced narcissistic abuse and have reached the point where you have all the theoretical knowledge but frustrated  that despite all your in-depth knowledge, you're still not feeling any better, then this is for you.

If you are ready to finally move forward, prioritise your recovery, learn the beautiful art of selfcare and rise from the ashes, then this is for you.

2. Who isn't it for?

My sole focus is YOU - not the narcissist. So, if you are still obsessing about the narcissist (we all do at some stage) and are looking for a way to figure them out and how to beat them at their own game, then, this isn't for you... Just yet. And that's ok. Simply come back when you're ready to commit to YOUR  healing. It’ll be right here  waiting for you.

3. How does it work?

There are two ways you can use this book:

a) As a daily journal and practice (highly recommended)

Commit  a consecutive 28 days to your healing journey by consistently following the A-Z, 

exploring one letter each  day. Dedicate  5-10 minutes each  morning to familiarise

yourself with the tool of the day, apply it throughout your  day, and then spend  5-10 minutes

in the evening reflecting  and journaling  about your experience and insights.

This is the most effective way to undergo a profound transformation in under  a month.


b) Working through the tools at your own pace

Whichever way you choose, there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Do what feels right for you. This little book is not intended as a one-off resource, rather more as  a new companion on your journey.

4. Why does it work?

It works because this book has been carefully designed with the sole goal of helping you finding back to YOU in the aftermath of narcissistic abuse in mind. It is a masterful blend of modalities including  coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis and others, specifically utilised, modified and tailored for the purpose of narcissistic abuse recovery. Forged through Ronia's personal experience and years of client work. Tried and tested by hundreds of survivors.

5. What's the time investment?

Minimal. In as little as 30 minutes a day you can transform your life! And not even all at once but throughout the day. Prioritising time for yourself is crucial. . The best way to do this is to set aside  dedicated slots in the morning and evening. Of course, you can spend as much time on this as you wish. Remember, this is your special time!

6. What results can I expect?

You can take this as far as you want. You'll get out of it whatever you want to get out of it.

Some of the proven improvements include (but are not limited to):

  • Greater Self-Confidence

  • Healthy Self-Belief

  • Deep Sense of Calm

  • Improved Quality of Sleep

  • Better Relationships

7. Is this some sort of magic pill that will make all of your pain just go away?


Unfortunately not. Recovery  from narcissistic abuse requires 100% dedication and commitment. You must invest your effort. Nevertheless, this workbook will equip  you with the practical tools necessary for your journey .

8. Is this going to heal complex PTSD from narcissistic abuse?

No, it won't. This workbook is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any mental disorder or medical disease. The trauma caused by narcissistic abuse is a serious matter and needs to be addressed accordingly with the help of a qualified and experienced professional. What this book however can help you with, is shifting your focus, taking responsibility for your healing, teaching you the beautiful art of selfcare, increasing your resilience and starting to build your own toolbox.


Basically, a kickstart to your recovery!

The Author

Ronia Fraser is a multi-award-winning Trauma Recovery Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist and one of the leading experts in the field of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery.

She's a survivor of Narcissistic Abuse herself.

Since 2017 Ronia has been helping abuse survivors from all over the world get back on their feet, regain their mental health and recover who they were always meant to be.

Her pioneering approach is widely recognised as one of the most effective, structured and masterful method for the recovery from complex trauma.

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