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Gaslighting - When every day is April Fools...

To be honest, I never liked April Fools, not even as a child. I never found it funny.

Not knowing what is real and what's not, being told a false narrative, feeling confused and questioning your own knowledge and judgement

The thing is when we experience narcissistic abuse, every day turns into April Fools for us.

Please check out my article on Gaslighting which was recently published in Platinum Magazine UK.

It's not you, it's them!

And I really want you to hear me when I say this: No, you are not crazy!

Please also know that with the right tools and the right support the damage caused by gaslighting can be fully reversed.

With love,

Roni x

Platinum_Ronia Fraser_Gaslighting
Download PDF • 11.48MB

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Ronia is an internationally certified and award-winning Transformational & Recover Coach - based in London and LA. She is one of the leading experts in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery and has developed a bespoke Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching program specifically designed for YOU to heal for real.

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